Tips for the passage of the game Thief - Chapter 3: Get to the Central Tower

The new task of Garrett is to penetrate the central tower, of four in the ruins. This is because it was there that the book you are looking for was hidden. During the navigation, you can use the above screen of the screen: Your destination is the Tower 3, and after you go on linear corridors and make a simple jump over the abyss, you must start with the tower 1.

Swivel wheel in the tower 1

For a moment, ignore the ropes over your character in the Tower 1, because Garrett will use them later when it comes out of the ruins. Go through the broken stained glass window, and after you reach the balcony, interact with the rotating wheel here. The use of the valve will lead to the fact that the first stairs change their position, and you can take them to get to the outer balconies on the tower 3.

The staircase leads to the tower 5

Ignore the first board located on the left, go straight and turn left only after you reach the stairs to the tower 5. When you enter inside, jump onto the lower level and collect poppy.

Swivel wheel in the tower 5

Take the bottom exit from the tower 5 and find a new swivel wheel with which you, of course, will need to interact. The use of the wheel will turn to the rotation of another staircase and demonstration of the roller with an unidentified creature.

3B - Quest in an oasis: area where you can find the second fragment.

3C - shards in Quest Oasis: area where you can find the third fragment.

3D - fragments in Quest Oasis: area where you can find the fourth fragment.

3E - Quest in the oasis: area where you can find the fifth fragment.

3F - Quests in an oasis: area where you can find the sixth fragment.

5 - High and low
Fault, holding Quest Oasis: Area where you can break the camp.

The place where you need to climb the protrusion above
Do not worry about the use of the wheel deprived you of the opportunity to use the next staircase, because you do everything according to plan. Turn back and log in to the Tower 5 again. Go to the wall and take the balcony above, from which you previously jumped. Now leave this tower, rising again on the stairs to the tower 3.

Swivel wheel in Tower 2

Take the chalkboard on the side that you have previously ignored, and which leads to the tower 2. Here you will find the last wheel. Interact with him and immediately climb on the new staircase, which appeared to the right of your character, after the element of the structure turned. This means, of course. That you will reach a higher level in the tower 3.

Go through the balcony and stop in the place shown in the screenshot above. You need to jump here on the staircase you have done earlier, and this will open you the path to the tower 4 (the place in which the creature has previously appeared).

Climb the stairs and, having passed to the tower 4, go through the room with an empty box. Now you can take the last staircase shown in the screenshot above. Make a run and jump through the hole in the wall of the Tower3, which will lead you to the place where the book is located. Best dating sites where old man can find young woman for marriage on reliable rating with reviews.