What are the best online slots for 2021 so far?

What are the best online slots for 2021 so far?

Online slots are being released at a rapid pace by various casino software developers. This makes sense because online slots are more popular than ever. More people are playing these games. Casino software developers are eager to capitalize on this and are releasing as many online slots as they can, hoping that some of them will catch on with the public.

The high quantity makes it even more important to separate the wheat from the chaff. Therefore, below we list the best online slots of 2021 so far for you. Also, 2021 has brought a lot of great things. We list the highlights for you below. Alas, the Lightning Roulette was not included in the list.

Gordon Ramsay Hell's Kitchen

You read it correctly: even Gordon Ramsay now has his own online video slot. For those of you who don't know this Brit, Gordon Ramsay is a famous TV chef who has a lot to say. If he helps restaurants to get back on their feet, he will tell them without blushing what they are doing wrong. He is also particularly strict with chefs in training in his programs. As a result, Gordon Ramsay has become a cult figure. His programs regularly produce new memes and Ramsay himself regularly makes hilarious statements. So it's not surprising that this British TV chef gets his own online slot machine. In a strange way, it is fitting.

Gordon Ramsay Hell's Kitchen online casinos

Gordon Ramsay Hell's Kitchen was developed by NetEnt. NetEnt is one of the bigger names among casino software developers, but they are not doing so well at the moment. They are releasing a few online slots this year, while they are normally more active. The good news though is that Gordon Ramsay's Hell's Kitchen is of immediately high quality. This is not an online slot where you will win a lot of money, but in terms of entertainment value, this video slot scores high. The design looks good and on top of that, there is a free spins bonus round that you can unlock. The only downside is that we would have expected more quotes from Gordon Ramsay himself. It's a bit of a let down though.

Power Of Thor Megaways

Power of Thor is the first online Megaways slot in this list. Megaways online slots are immensely popular right now. This hype was created when Bonanza became a big hit. This online slot was developed by Big Time Gaming, who later sold their Megaways license to other casino software developers. Pragmatic Play also holds this license and therefore releases their own Megaways slot machine. Power of Thor is an online slot machine with a high variance and 117,649 ways to win.

Power of Thor revolves around the famous Norse god Thor. Normally you don't want to run into the man with the hammer, but for this man with a hammer, you'll make an exception. He is also the god of lightning. Nowadays he is mainly known as one of the superheroes of Marvel. In short, a good time to give this Norse god the leading role in an online slot. With a little luck, this online slot can earn you 5,000 times your stake. With a house edge of 3.45% and an RTP of 96.55%, this online slot scores better than average. The design looks good and you can unlock a free spin round.

Shimmering Woods

Play 'n GO has been on form lately. They are releasing one topper after another. Shimmering Woods is a good example of this. This is a high variance online slot machine where there are 243 to 7,776 ways you can win. A maximum of 25,000 times your stake can be won. With a maximum bet of 100 Euros, this means that this online slot machine can win you up to 2,500,000 Euros. You can understand why so many players want to try their luck at this online slot machine. The minimum bet to play this game is 20 cents. The RTP is 96.2%, which equals a house edge of 3.8%. This is slightly better than average.

Shimmering Woods has a fairy tale theme and looks good across the board. You start with a standard playing field (5 reels, 3 symbols high) with 243 ways to win. Prior to each round, a Split Symbol is chosen. This means that one of the symbols of this game is split in two. This suddenly gives you 7,776 ways to win. The better the symbol that gets split in two, the more this online slot can earn you. Each winning combo increases the multiplier by 1. Moreover, winning combinations are replaced by new symbols, making it possible to win multiple times in a row. In addition, you can also unlock a free spins round. In short, there's plenty to enjoy at Shimmering Woods.

Rainbow Wild Megaways

This is the next Megaways online slot on our list. This video slot was developed by Iron Dog Studio. That may not be one of the big names of the moment, but still, they have released some nice titles by now. Rainbow Wild Megaways is definitely one of the highlights of their oeuvre. This online slot has an Irish theme. It has a high variance where during the game there are 117,649 ways you can win. You can win up to 12,000 times your stake. So at a maximum bet of 50 euros, this game can net you 600,000 euros. Few of us will say no to that. You need to bet at least 10 eurocents to play this game.

The design looks fun and colorful. Irish slots revolving around Leprechauns are released regularly. These fairy tale characters are known for their love of gold. It is therefore clever that Rainbow Wild Megaways manages to do something original with this theme. The playing field looks different after each reel. The largest possible playing field consists of 6 reels of 7 symbols high. The various wild symbols in this game increase the chance of making a winning combo. Prior to the game, you can make use of the Buy a Bonus feature. This way you ensure yourself of playing the free spins round. Moreover, it raises your RTP from 95.92% to 96.3%.

Wheel Of Amp

Recently, we have seen more and more that the simpler online slots games are becoming more popular among the public. These simpler games are reminiscent of the slot machines of old. Besides, not every player is in the mood for fuss. They just want to spin the reels. Wheel of Amp is in that case a good choice to play. This video slot was developed by Red Tiger Gaming. The game has a high variance, where it is possible to win up to 7,303 times your stake. The RTP is 95.77%, which equals a house edge of 4.23%. This is just slightly below average.

Wheel Of Amp online casinos

Wheel of Amp uses a 3 x 3 playing field. This is a lot smaller than the average online slot. The design looks great. There are 9 paylines on the field. You only need to wager 10 eurocents to play this game already. The maximum bet is 10 euros in Idndian casinos. There are both low and high symbols in this game, but during play, it is possible to replace the low symbols with high symbols. This increases the chances of winning high prizes. You can also win a mystery prize by spinning 3 scatter symbols: free spins, an upgrade of a symbol, extra reels, extra paylines, and an extra booster in the form of a multiplier. These extras make Wheel of Amp more fun than average. Red Tiger Gaming has been on form for a while now and has a portfolio filled with fun games. Wheel of Amp is certainly a valuable addition to this, in part because this game takes a slightly different approach from other video slots.